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US-2017344641-A1: Dynamic search system for real-time dynamic search and reporting patent, US-2017351039-A1: Cleaning tool and cleaning method patent, US-2017353385-A1: Techniques for forwarding or receiving data segments associated with a large data packet patent, US-2017354160-A1: Process for the production of uht milk with improved taste characteristics patent, US-2017356157-A1: Control method for controlling an excavator and excavator comprising a control unit implementing such a control method patent, US-2017357892-A1: Convolutional Neural Network Joint Training patent, US-2017361157-A1: Determining Player Performance Statistics Using Gaze Data patent, US-2017361415-A1: Lens holder and method of use patent, US-2017370897-A1: Relative valuation method for naphtha streams patent, US-2017373646-A1: Power Amplification Device patent, US-2018002787-A1: Aluminum alloy for die casting and aluminum-alloy die cast obtained therefrom patent, US-2018005635-A1: Method for encoding multi-channel audio signal and encoding device for performing encoding method, and method for decoding multi-channel audio signal and decoding device for performing decoding method patent, US-2018016186-A1: Use of arsenic-free chalcogenide glasses for hot-melt processing patent, US-2018027709-A1: Feeder control device and control method, and component mounting apparatus patent, US-2018033970-A1: Polymer and organic solar cell comprising same patent, US-2015134112-A1: Mechanisms for positioning robot blade patent, US-2015167631-A1: High efficiency wind turbine patent, US-2015236433-A1: Insulation Displacement Contact and Connector patent, US-2015261619-A1: Cascade ordering patent, US-2015274216-A1: Skid plate assembly for axle housing of machine patent, US-2015281524-A1: Apparatus and method for synchronizing audio-video patent, US-2015286497-A1: Coalescing memory transactions patent, US-2015329741-A1: Graphene oxide, graphene-polymer complex, coating solution containing same, graphene-polymer coated steel sheet, and method for manufacturing thereof patent, US-2015358381-A1: Cloud Queue Playhead patent, US-2016056797-A1: Register circuit system and solid-state imaging device patent, US-2016067864-A1: Self-adaptive device intelligence as a service enterprise infrastructure for sensor-rich environments patent, US-2016084271-A1: Method to detect hydraulic valve failure in hydraulic system patent, US-2016085816-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium patent, US-2016164589-A1: Method and device for transmitting control information in wireless communication system patent, US-2016295323-A1: Adjustable audio beamforming patent, US-2016317311-A1: Patient-specific pelvic implants for acetabular reconstruction patent, US-2016362105-A1: Adaptive cruise control system in vehicle and method thereof patent, US-2017003957-A1: Instrumenting a website with dynamically generated code patent, US-2017034951-A1: Screwless heat sink attachment patent, US-2017043056-A1: Methods of manufacturing bioactive gels from extracellular matrix material patent, US-2017096013-A1: System and method for ejecting adjustable amounts of ink patent, US-2017122276-A1: Annulus nozzle injector with tangential fins patent, US-2017173361-A1: Apparatus and method for influencing a condition in a subject patent, US-2017199042-A1: Cartographic data using utility data patent, US-2017204128-A1: Method for preparing transition metal complex patent, US-2017213805-A1: Chip package and method for forming the same patent, US-5774587-A: Method of objects recognition patent, US-2015100610-A1: Geometric counting mechanisms patent, US-2015111266-A1: Carbon capture in fermentation patent, US-2015116843-A1: Lens module patent, US-2015123201-A1: Strained Semiconductor Device and Method of Making the Same patent, US-2015138545-A1: Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure patent, US-2015147293-A1: Uses of interleukin-22(il-22) in treating and preventing nerve damage diseases or neurodegenerative diseases patent, US-2015195056-A1: Systems, methods, and devices to support a fast tdd configuration indication patent, US-2015275193-A1: Methods and products for expressing proteins in cells patent, US-2015285201-A1: Fuel injector patent, US-2015321318-A1: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact With A Modified Substrate patent, US-2015352855-A1: Flow path member, liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-2015372045-A1: Backside Illumination Image Sensor Chips and Methods for Forming the Same patent, US-2016028067-A1: Freestanding, dimensionally stable microporous webs patent, US-2016036786-A1: System and method facilitating enhanced inter-object and human-object interactivity using networked electronic devices patent, US-2016045627-A1: Shk-based pharmaceutical compositions and methods of manufacturing and using the same patent, US-2016077271-A1: Light generation member including light diffusion member and display apparatus having the same patent, US-2016088868-A1: Movable Ultraviolet Radiation Source patent, US-2016122571-A1: Orientation control materials for block copolymers used in directed self-assembly applications patent, US-2016123678-A1: Conformal thermal ground planes patent, US-2016143150-A1: Method of manufacturing a flexible printed circuit board including a solder resist layer patent, US-2016241637-A1: Automated profiling of resource usage patent, US-2016371936-A1: Blackjack Game with Alternate Side Bets and Related Themes patent, US-2017029437-A1: Compositions and Methods for Treating Neoplasia, Inflammatory Disease and Other Disorders patent, US-2017063422-A1: Housing mounting mechanism for portable electronic device patent, US-2017078065-A1: Signaling methods and apparatus for advanced mimo communication systems patent, US-2015121930-A1: Vehicular air-conditioning unit patent, US-2015138911-A1: Solids combining system for a solid feedstock patent, US-2015165475-A1: Process box, assembly, and method for processing a coated substrate patent, US-2015170575-A1: Organic light-emitting diode (oled) display including touch sensor patent, US-2015285644-A1: Automated Guided Vehicle, System Comprising A Computer And An Automated Guided Vehicle, Method Of Planning A Virtual Track, And Method Of Operating An Automated Guided Vehicle patent, US-2015301940-A1: Self-Configurable Device for Interleaving/Deinterleaving Data Frames patent, US-2015303483-A1: Collector for bipolar lithium ion secondary batteries, and bipolar lithium ion secondary battery patent, US-2015322096-A1: Siloxane monomer, encapsulant composition, encapsulant and electronic device patent, US-2015328090-A1: Composition having earth materials comprising the pigment patent, US-2015377291-A1: Cage part for a rolling bearing cage patent, US-2016012064-A1: Data conversion device patent, US-2016017298-A1: Mutants of Cre Recombinase patent, US-2016039830-A1: Substituted Pyrimidine Compounds and Methods of Use and Manufacture patent, US-2016097794-A1: Current sensing inductive devices with integrated bus bar patent, US-2016156345-A1: Radio frequency switch circuit and control method thereof patent, US-2016181169-A1: Organic-inorganic hybrid structure for integrated circuit packages patent, US-2016296932-A1: A microfluidic device patent, US-2016326369-A1: Conductive Polyamide/Polyphenylene Ether Resin Composition and Automotive Molded Article Manufactured Therefrom patent, US-2017032085-A1: Methods for facilitating medical services by mobile health professionals and devices thereof patent, US-2017077028-A1: Backside semiconductor die trimming patent, US-2017149936-A1: Method, system, and computer-readable recording medium for processing network traffic patent, US-2015119988-A1: System and methods for facet joint treatment patent, US-2015139419-A1: Systems and Methods for Playing Back Alternative Streams of Protected Content Protected Using Common Cryptographic Information patent, US-2015192188-A1: Two-dimensional vibration isolator patent, US-2015309482-A1: Controller, control method, and control program patent, US-2015367954-A1: Electrical protector patent, US-2016051416-A1: Method of securing conductive thread in an absorbent article patent, US-2016063809-A1: Beat synchronization in a game patent, US-2016116211-A1: Operating method and device for irradiating a substrate patent, US-2016252038-A1: Device and method for reducing variants in fuel pump electronics patent, US-2016255716-A1: Manufacturing method of electronic component, electronic component, and manufacturing apparatus of electronic component patent, US-2016358760-A1: System and method for plasma treatment using directional dielectric barrier discharge energy system patent, US-2017017612-A1: Generating a visual layout tree based on a named point within a visual description node patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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